The Clock Project

by Micah Jayne

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This is what happens When the world stops spinning And I continue 'round To land right where you're found
Oneironaut 03:41
And I slept Like a legend in my bed But I awoke, yet still Sleeping in my head And I laid terrified Thinking "what if I can't Escape this?" there's someone here Hold your breath Don't make a move   Well there's a fence That's set up all around me But I can't decide If it's to keep them out Or to keep me in   I'll take what I need and You'll take my feet from me I cannot go where I Need to go ‘cause I'll bleed You know we can't leave tracks Or sounds cause they'll find screams We can't get caught unless We die and find that it's a dream It is all a dream
An Equinox 03:11
Not long after you leaving You will return in the form of a season The leaves stained with colors that stain your hair And I watch them fall as I begin to recall   The nights and the days will meet an equality But won't seem so, once they're filled with frivolity ‘Cause they'll seem longer as each shall pass And I’m pacing these halls Just to find something at last   To kill this time with until I see you again But I'm working on a plan ‘Cause you see, it's father owes me a favor   Is there just something wrong with my eyes Because normally I can see for miles But I go blind every time you're near To everything else that's around me Because you're all I see   And there's just something they don't understand Because they can't see you like I do ‘Cause I go blind every time you're near To everything else that's around me Because they can't see you like I do
Okay, Clouds 03:56
I don't think I can sleep tonight And I'm debating if it's worth the fight 'Cause my eyes don't rest like they Have sense they laid on you And I'm losing track of the days And I like it when you're out of town 'Cause the butterflies are so overwhelming Every time you come around This lack of sleep is trying it's best To keep a smile at bay But the very thought of your existence Keeps it coming my way These Oklahoma clouds, they Put me in a daze  Why did I wait for her To slip away to fall in love   Girl I've never been so awake and so alive As when I'm living off two hours of sleep   A picture would last longer Than these memories in my mind And I'd like to pass the time with you I just want to sit atop a cloud Be still and watch the world with you We won't be limited by these things that we used to
Hypoxia 04:34
And she tells you things change And you know that it's true But you're holding your breath But empty lungs just won't do What they did when You took my breath away   And I'm puncturing my lungs To try and let this oxygen exhale But I just keep on breathing steady And I'm puncturing my lungs To try and let this oxygen exhale But I just keep on breathing steady   And it's true I don't feel much these days But you know I felt that wind And it hit me in my chest And I could tell it's from within This feelings all new to me There's an unfamiliar beating in my chest My heart has felt a burst of air And it's leaking from my lungs And time and time I've tried again And now it's finally done   I jump start my heart and impart On my case of hypoxia
I don't believe that miracles happen As often as they used to But I guess this is an exception But this this'll never happen again   I want to go back to my dreams Where distance is a myth and reality is rejected But you know you'll never see her again So start rehearsing this lie   This is noise to them, but euphonies to you I wish I could speed up the spinning of this earth So I could jump up and land where you are   Is it just me or is there an echo in this room But with all these noises within these walls My thoughts are what keeps me up All these hints you've dropped I left scattered on the floor And when I wake up You'll have me scrambling for A dream recorder And slowly as I wait for you In my dreams, you'll be waking And how long should I wait Until I know she's not coming back I'm tired of sleeping
Parapraxis 03:37
We know things have changed But you know I won't tell you how It might be due to how I'm good To a fault at finding faults These problems seem to work themselves out Like a splinter beneath the skin So let's work it out And get you out from under my skin   Please just go There's a status quo Ante which sounds appealing And you know you can't deny Please just leave And let's stop deceiv- -ing ourselves of what we had And let's count it all as lost   Words are words so why Don't you put some meaning to them But it doesn't matter anyway, They'll become a lie with the sunrise Well I won't hold on so tightly any longer Because my grip is getting weak And my tongue struggles to speak And these moments are on repeat   Well you can't lose something That you never had But now something’s missing And I'm feeling like I have   Please don't go I want you to know That the way I feel for you Cannot be expressed in words Please don't leave I can't believe That I drove you Away from the only thing I knew And now the only thing I know is that I don't
She keeps coming back to my Thoughts like I keep telling Myself I ought not to think it But every time I reminisce Of this fleeting memory I keep clinching my fists Like I'm trying to hold it From floating away   But these memories are so buoyant And my heart feels so heavy And I'm trying to avoid it But it's got a hold on me The kind of hold I wish I had on you   Distant bagpipes fading Notes so sharp they'd cut through skies Memories not worth saving But they caught me by surprise And the color of your dress Changes the reflection of your eyes And I told myself they would not Be the cause of my demise   I'm telling myself to forget you But you're pierced inside my skull And I keep telling myself These arguments are null But I'm deaf and deranged And deceived and dismayed and dishonest With a dissonant desolate Dearth for decayed desire 'Cause I'd like to know What would happen if I didn't ever listen To a single word I told myself
This may be a crutch But I still need it to walk And it may be messed up But I know it's all my fault And these things satisfy Me more than I feel they should And I don't want to quit It but I feel that I should   And if I keep running this way I’ll never see daylight again And if I don’t turn around I’ll never see the sun rise again   ‘Cause there’s no dawn in western skies And there’s no light to see When you’re hiding in This very earth’s shadows   Will I spend my whole life Wondering if I've made a mistake Or living with what I have   But there's no dusk in eastern skies And there's no darkness to dwell in When you're stuck and bound To this very earth's rotation
She speaks softly And so convincing The truth I can't handle So tell me a lie I can brace Because my legs can't stand here without one One minute while I wait For my eyes to adjust From the darkness; we lain Well it seemed like it must have been days At least I wish it were   Well they don't see you like I do All the indifferences they'd have to Scowl and scour through Well you've caught me in a gape my dear And I turn away embarrassedly Because I don't want you to see   Her tears stain my shoulder It didn't matter what I told her 'Cause they kept flowing like the Delta down the north Orthodontic surgery couldn't do a thing for me Because I knew that my teeth had been Ripped right out my skull All this pulling teeth, and pulling hair And it's breaking my heart to see your scalp so bare It's so bare Bear the consequences of what's been said 'Cause I knew that I should have just let it go Well they don't see you like I do All the indifferences they'd have to Scowl and scour through Well you've caught me in a gape my dear And I turn away embarrassedly Because I don't want you to see How I feel
I believe in you but I don't understand You could fall down from the skies Like the tears fall from their eyes And you could clear doubts from their minds Like the sunshine with the blinds Like a shaken etch-a-sketch When the picture’s not done yet   And it seems so unfair With our lives of so many hours And so quickly your life Could be taken by one of ours To a place we call our home   All the songs I could ever sing Down here won't amount To those up there, but I'll still sing While you whisper in my ear   That it seems so unfair With our lives of so many hours And so quickly your life Could be taken by one of ours To a place we call our home   But as for now I’ll Be waiting on Elevator rides To a place we call our home A place we call our home   So wake up, wake up Am I deaf, or are you silent? Have I even heard Or have I just forgot? Have you ever spoken a word to me Or are you just fast asleep? So wake up, wake up To a place we call our home


12 songs, 12 time signatures.
With The Clock Project, each track features a different time signature corresponding to its track number. The album contains 12 songs, all with time signatures ranging from 1/4 up to 12/4. For example, track 5 is written in a 5/4 time signature, five beats per measure. If this sounds strange to you, check out the Wikipedia page "complex time signatures" for some popular examples. The Clock Project differs from The Umbrella Project in that it is more of an alternative rock album, with a heavier emphasis on electric guitars, bass, and drums, with some electronic bits sprinkled throughout. Also, while The Umbrella Project was largely instrumental, all of the songs (save for one) on The Clock Project feature vocals. Most of these songs have been written since around 2010, and I have finally gotten around to recording and releasing them. I've always held an interest in different time signatures and I hope you enjoy the variety in these songs!


released September 22, 2013

All songs written & performed by Micah Jayne
Recorded, mixed, mastered, and produced by Micah Jayne
CD artwork by Micah Jayne


all rights reserved



Micah Jayne Seattle, Washington

Hello! My name is Micah Jayne.
Sometimes I make music, the outcomes of which can be heard here.

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